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Animas Sports Weekend

Sorry for the tardy blog posts.  Going to pick up posting here again as seem to get a stack of positive feedback that what a I blabber on about is useful. Anyway just heard that the Animas Sports Weekend is … Continue reading

Lakeland 50

Its almost a month since the Lakeland 50, for those who know me – I’ve been a little busy.. So busy in fact – it was arguably a stupid idea to take on the Lakeland 50 . Still a decision … Continue reading

A trip to hospital

Been a while since I’ve put fingers to the keyboard on diabetes. I’ll keep it short. Following being fitted with an insulin pump I found I was getting a little frustrated with getting the settings right. This coupled with a … Continue reading

Lap of Lake Windermere

Been a while since I have put thoughts to keyboard on running and diabetes.. right at the beginning keen for this blog not to die a sorry death as so many do. Noteable features have been the Kendal Mountain Festival … Continue reading

The wrong 50K?

Big lessons earlier this month, both running and diabetes. Neither to be underestimated, the simple things seem to catch me out – if you have the patience read on to see if there is anything in it for you. A … Continue reading

Geeks guide to kit and running

I tapped this out a few months ago – and got distracted.  A resource for those who do ultra running.   Talk to any ultra runner and at some point the subject of kit will come up, with many evangelical … Continue reading

Lakeland100 – a lap of the Lake District

My plan this weekend was to take on the Lakeland100 rather rudely named so, as it is actually 105 miles not 100 miles. This is not a cycling event, its a running event using lakeland passes and hills so an … Continue reading

190 miles in 3 Days 23 Hours and 58 Minutes

This is my story of my run across the country 190 miles as a type 1 diabetic. This little rant tells that story, my plan is to write another one about the kit I used as I know some ultra … Continue reading

The end… of the beginning?

He did it! A final post before I hand blogging duties back to the boss…   The last few stages were hard – Sally Ozanne’s presence was appreciated for Gillerthwaite to Ennerdale, then the legendary Ant Cooper was back once … Continue reading

Tough call…

Target for the end of yesterday was Patterdale (Grasmere an ideal world). He arrived at Shap in good nick & was welcomed by Team Thurlow – his parents & the children, & Lisa ready to run with him. The tough … Continue reading