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between a keyboard and the hospital.

Somewhere between a keyboard and the hospital. Many friends will know I’ve been spending the last 2 years maybe 3! working on making an expedition race happen in Ireland, it kicked off just over a week ago with 36 teams … Continue reading

Ambulance, pies and running part 3

A good nights sleep but not enough.. it was 6.30 so quickly packed my bag. I knew it was going to be hot day but the prospect of getting cold filled me with utter dread. So whilst runners were strutting … Continue reading

Ambulances, Pies and Running part 2

It was an unexpected 2nd night in the back of the car but I was comfortable.. I had pre-arranged appointment to meet Andy Trugian from Mudcrew events at 8.15am in St Austell which was a good 40 mins drive away. … Continue reading

Ambulances, pies and running PART 1

All too much for the sensations to cope with in 4 days – suffice to say I’m busted but learnt a few lessons along the way. If vaguely interested in my journey through my susceptibility to hypothermia, insulin dependency and … Continue reading

More tests

Quick update.. On Tuesday I headed over to Leeds Met uni for further tests on why I’m getting cold. Charlotte came along as well – great to have her around as she has seen me cold and knows my diabetes … Continue reading

TalkT1 / Brrr, C2C in a Day and “Talking about Diabetes”.

Been a long time – missed you very sorry. Its surprised me over the last few months how many people have come up to me and said hey I love your blog. I was in danger of being so busy … Continue reading

Hardmoors 30

Hardmoors 30  A new years day run of 30 miles. Should be well within my means.. well thats what I thought. For those who have not read my blog before, what makes this a little more challenging for me is … Continue reading

Frostbite 30

Frostbite 30 Pictures used in this post are from Ann Brown and taken from the Frostbite Facebook page This arguably was a stupid idea. I’d put this in the diary sometime ago and then when I looked a few … Continue reading

Libre part 2

Abbott Libre I said I’d come back with a review on the Libre – this device measures my blood sugar level.. Must admit I’m struggling to be objective here, I’m slightly smitten by the device. And so do a whole … Continue reading

Abbott Freestyle Libre – flashy glucose monitor

Here is the background – I’m on an insulin pump, a medtronic one.  I occasionally use the Enlight continuous glucose monitors (CGM) that integrates with the pump – however they cost about £50 each and not generally available on the … Continue reading