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A bit of the Cumbria Way

One definition of Adventure is where “the outcome is uncertain”. The outcome on Saturday was suffice to say unexpected, and it was an adventure! Christmas had passed along with a lot of travelling / visiting family – oddly for me … Continue reading


A few bits of background to this blog to help set the scene.. I’ve type 1 diabetes.. royal pain in the rear. As well as being addicted to insulin, sadly type 1’s also have a few other aliments – I’ve … Continue reading

Shooting up at the Adventure Racing World Championships

Every so often we all find ourselves having to ask questions about what is possible – presented by someone who has achieved something I would have almost swore blind was not possible. This how I felt after talking to Bjorn, … Continue reading

Scott Newburn, Type 1 and a BG

Some 25 years ago I was working as a volunteer instructor at YMCA Lakeside – I was pretty fit and along with a good friend Ian we took on some big days in the hills – I was a proper … Continue reading

4 years.. well almost

I’d just walked and jogged a little over 23 miles in just over 8hrs (see here).. was a hilly course. clothes changed and now looking at a jacket spud, sprinkling of lettuce and some kind of bolognaise sauce. I was … Continue reading

20 miles ish..

It was a few¬†weeks ago that I went out the door on a Monday evening to kick myself in to getting fit again. For many years my winters have often featured regularly attending a running club. As the years go … Continue reading

I’m cured… along with a long walk.

I’m cured.. I can hear all my T1 friends yawn no seriously read on ;-) .. tabloid headline with no substance alert. I like to think I’m a glass half full person, but the last year has dished out a … Continue reading

Who owns the data

Who owns the data? Over the last 5 years I’ve noticed that there is both conscious and unconscious judgement about what type1 means – from “you shouldn’t eat that”, to finding myself excluded from certain car insurance policies. Increasingly I … Continue reading

My dirty little secret

All change, this is type 1 diabetes.. Its just over 5 years since I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, earlier in the year I thought it be good to tap out a few articles on what I wished I … Continue reading

Bluepeter does CGM

Libre in to a CGM.. with a little help from Nightscout. If you talk to type 1’s every few years often more they stumble on a way of managing their diabetes that has tangible benefits. Sometimes that is due to … Continue reading