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Ambulances, Pies and Running part 2

It was an unexpected 2nd night in the back of the car but I was comfortable.. I had pre-arranged appointment to meet Andy Trugian from Mudcrew events at 8.15am in St Austell which was a good 40 mins drive away. He knew nothing of my exploits the night before and whilst being held up in an ambulance would generally be a resonable excuse to miss a meeting I thought lets get on with life. So at 6.30 the car was rolling to St Austell – another shower at a leisure centre and another costa porrige and tea.

Great to meet Andy, I thought best to not to alarm him with my stories and I was there to talk about trackers and hear about his events as well as the general trend of running in Cornwall. A meeting at an engineering company that is helping us with a new tracker and back off to Oxford to see Threshold at the start of the Race to the Stones Ultra.

A long journey of traffic jams confirmed my decision to travel down late at night on Wednesday was a good one. It had been in the back of my mind that I would run the Race to the Stones event a 60 mile Ultra – but my visit to an ambulance the night before cemented my decision that really I could not afford another visit and I would not run. I’ll head straight home after dropping the trackers off.

Threshold is a great company to work with, they are very different to Open Adventure in their client base, sponsors, size of events – they challenge me with their approach and I really enjoy that. Its arguably why 7 years later I’m still lurking on some of their events in one way or another. So its always great to say hi and grab a brew with them.. That said this was the night before their big event.. so my plan was to be polite and rather than create an awkward moment where they needed to get on and do stuff ~ yet what do we do with James.. my plan was to say my hello’s / goodbyes, hand the trackers over and shove off. I’d already texted Karen the boss :-) that sadly I would not be able to run. Simple..

Welcoming smiles, hugs and how are you doing.. with the usual english reply of “oh so so, you know how it is”.. A few of the crew knew about my epic the night before and some good friends were politely saying why not get back on the horse.. perhaps not do the 60 miler why not do the 2 day version – 30 miles each day.

These guys know how to put on a good show, and I knew that of all the events there would be food every 10km ish and the overnight camp would be a feast. It was the Ridgeway not a remote trail in Scotland. And I was miffed about the night before.. getting on the horse so to speak was seemingly a good idea. That said whilst my good friends had my physiological well being at heart I was not sure they really understood type 1 and me getting cold.

Its a trump card that I should be careful to pull but I called my good friend Andy Pettit (who also happens to be my diabetes consultant) it was now early evening on a Friday. In summary yes but BE CAREFUL. Next stop was the event doctor Simon – he pulled a few faces but said a yes, but no overnight / non-stop version.. needs to be 2 night. Fair enough I though.. I was knackered anyway.. 2 nights on 5 hrs sleep was not good prep for a oner anyway. What could possibly go wrong..

This plan was not expected so I was a little unprepared. I had the kit but didn’t really have the food. Was hopeful that I could get the food I needed en-route – if not at a feed station perhaps a convenience store or a petrol station. Just needed a bit more than the pot noodle / pasta pot I had in the car.. flapjack / few packets of sweets would have been more handy on an ultra.

So for the 3rd time I climbed in to my sleeping bag in the back of the car.. quietly excited but also reminding myself that 24hrs ago I was in an ambulance. If it works it would be an excellent decision – if I fail it would have been a stupid one and I should have realised that before. For some reason adventures often fall in to one or the other with little room for the stuff in the middle. Heck its only a 60 mile run.

Part 3 tomorrow :-)

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