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More tests

Quick update..

On Tuesday I headed over to Leeds Met uni for further tests on why I’m getting cold. Charlotte came along as well – great to have her around as she has seen me cold and knows my diabetes quite well.

Tough day managing diabetes as I really didn’t quite know what was next and when, and with the exercise there was a real danger of putting insulin in at the wrong time.

1st test was a cardio / MRI test – in summary they connected up an MRI scanner and put me on a very sophisticated stationary bike which raised the resistance at a reguarl interval. My job to keep revolutions at around 70-75.

Before they start – they said you can call it off or we will tell you to stop. Mentally I decided if this was to be a maximal test then it was not going to be me who called this to a halt. I topped out at just over 300w – paltry when you consider someone like Mark Cavendish can top out at 1500 watts.

The outcome was my ticker is all OK. There was an ickle bit of concern I may have some issues here so they were keen to get this out the way.

Lunch of jacket spud and beans.. next up with Andy King.

This time I intially sat in a chilly room to stabalise my temperature. Then they stuck my feet in a bucket of water about 45 degrees (which is proper hot and painful), with a full on Duvet jacket for 30 mins.. once done – my feet went in 15 degrees water and I was stripped down to my shorts. Man this was like some kind of torture.

Along with this they were measuring my core temp, surface temp on my hands / head and in my ear. Andy Kind had done the test the day before, his results and the papers on the subject – suggest that when your body encounters the cold the periphial blood vessels close down to retain the heat / conversely when you hot your blood vessles dilate to disapate your bodies heat. Normally this is all happens very quickly.

Sadly my body is pretty sluggish at responding – so in the example of walking up a hill where I would get hot, upon reaching the top in the cold, for most the body would shut down the blood vessles to keep the heat in – like immediately. For me it takes about 10 mins.

Next up back in the environmental chamber and on the treadmill – the idea was to get warm and then strip off to shorts and see if I get cold. I was going at a good pace for me initially 10km / hr and then down to 9. Apart from feeling a bit uncomfortable in running half naked on a treadmill with half a dozen people looking on – it didn’t work out. I didn’t get cold.

To a certain degree no real surprise, this scenario is similar to running with the club and I’ve never got cold one one of these runs. It seems to be more after 3 or 4 hours.

We had a review after the testing.. Still much thinking to do.

Back soon with the what next.

When I get some pics I’ll add them to this post along with the actual results.

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