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Tough call…

Target for the end of yesterday was Patterdale (Grasmere an ideal world).

He arrived at Shap in good nick & was welcomed by Team Thurlow – his parents & the children, & Lisa ready to run with him.

The tough call was to be made at the west end of Haweswater – to go up & over Kidsty Pike in the dark & driving rain, or to sleep there & head over in the early hours.

Dave Macfarlane was at the west end filming; I was in the van half way down Haweswater ready to head to Mardale or Patterdale, depending on the decision.

Ant called to say James had “had a moment” – no, not a strop, he’s not had any of those – but a dizzy/cold moment – but had picked up & was heading up. A further call 30mins later & the decision was made, to go over to Patterdale. Heart rate was 118 & glucose 8.1 & going up, so that was reassuring.

Joe “mountain man” Faulkner had returned & ascended to meet them, & Jim Rounsley turned up too, so a great team of support too.

James became extremely tired & struggled to think – he got cold & was wearing almost all the extra clothes they had (& that was quite a lot as Ant will tell you). He was weaving around a bit & sounds like there were a few difficult moments.

Ant called to ask for warm, dry clothes, warm sleeping bed & warm van. We watched the headtorches descending to Patterdale.

Actually, when he got down, both blood glucose & temperature were normal – reassuringly.

We negotiated a slightly later start given sleep deprivation seems to be the greatest problem.


InsulinKidsty KidstyPike


Some reassuring graphs!

Today, it’s all slow & steady. Great breakfast at Thorney How Hostel, ice creams at Rosthwaite (& a foot clean/new socks), pasta



So, now on their way to Ennerdale, the end is in sight….

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