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Some numbers…

BGgraphD1 InsulindelivD1


Thursday’s blood glucose levels & insulin rates & boluses (that’s an extra shot of the stuff).

It did go up quite high when he set off – ?maybe a little adrenaline, although he seemed typically chilled at the time.

Given that he was eating around 20g of carbohydrate every 30mins, and drinking 20g carb every 2 hours (or trying to – that’s a lot to get down), and his glucose remained mainly within those tight limits, you can imagine how hard he’s working to keep it going – that’s mentally in terms of managing the insulin flow rate as well as physically.

If you then look at his movescount data¬†then you can try to correlate his heart rate & energy burnt & insulin & blood glucose & …. yep, you got it, it’s complicated. (I have a theory that it is an exact science – but there are so many variables it’s doesn’t seem possible to put them all together – if we even knew what they were).

Sent him off after beans on toast at the wonderful Dales Mountain Bike Centre Рhuge thanks to them as they let us establish an office & dining room in their cafe, & use their showers & loos & delivery service (extra glucose sensor kit) & just being superbly friendly & welcoming.

We’ll be back



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