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Different worlds…

After about 4 hours sleep, James went up Nine Standards – in driving rain. Managed to get porridge down, which was a good start, and the boys going with him (Ant Cooper, Joe Faulkner, Dave Johnson, Ali Morris) tell me he was pushing hard – mainly in order to keep warm. He was pretty concerned about Nine Standards – something he would have happily run alone, in this weather in the dark before diabetes came along. But he doesn’t have the reserves, and there’s still the dark spectre of hypothermia – which he’s managed to avoid in the main so far, despite a few shorter episodes of extreme shivering.



Down to Kirkby Stephen, and stop & a change of insulin giving set (the syringe holding the insulin, which lives in the little black box which is the pump, and the tube which leads to the tiny plastic tube into his stomach). This is a bit of a faff, and he struggled to concentrate (although was being filmed at the time so maybe that’s just the challenge of multi-tasking whilst sleep deprived).

Alan Hartley & Ruth Johnson kept him company (Ruth’s job to remind him it’s “treat time” – i.e. time to eat – not sure he quite sees it that way, & Alan’s to navigate & encourage him to drink more), and this was a hard leg – he was just very very tired. The van provided shelter for 10mins sleep, and some pasta, & coffee – & then he was motoring. He ran past us at Tarn More, and has continued at a faster pace since…. maybe the coffee, or perhaps the fact that Lisa is joining him to run from Shap.

Photo 15-06-2013 10 15 02 (1)

Any thoughts on where we’ll get tonight? We’re still finding it hard to predict, as he can drop so quickly – & evidently bounce back quickly too!

Plan is to download his pump/meter/heart rate data & as connections allow, let you see those later…


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