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Day One: Ups & downs

I think it’s fair to say it’s been a day of ups & downs in every sense.

Started well, as those of you watching the tracker will have seen.

The weather’s been mixed – partly demonstrated by James’ changes of clothing – 3 different jackets, 4th change of baselayer (well, 2nd back in action after drying… lovely)!,  2 different pairs of shoes, and second pair of socks. I won’t tell you what the van smells like.



The speed has been faster than we thought it might be, although as expected he’s slowing down now. He said this morning he wasn’t thinking further than today, & that seems to have been a wise decision – things change so quickly. He’ll get some sleep later this evening.


Food, carbohydrates, and getting it down has been hard. The guys have been giving him food, but you can imagine that having to eat 20g of carbohydrate every 30mins is actually quite hard work, & things you would normally enjoy as a treat change into something you’d rather not.


The guys with him are carrying bags which contain 7 different snacks of around 20g carbohydrate each – and that lasts 4 hours. So for example, that might contain a croissant, a packet of snack a jacks, a wrap with ham & cream cheese, 3 shot blocks, a gel, an apple, a granola bar, & a battenberg. That really all has to go down & be digested, otherwise it becomes pretty tough to keep the blood glucose up. He also has two 500ml bottles of water/20g carbohydrate/electrolyte, every 4 hours.


It’s been a concern that the “more flapjack-y stuff, & the bread-y stuff” is getting harder & harder to tolerate. So we’ve had a little supermarket trip this evening (& I realised I’ve started to get excited when I find a pot of yoghurt or fruit that contains about 20g carbs). Some success I think…. we’ll see what James’ thinks later.


I’ll try to upload some data shortly – heart rate & glucose graphs, and it’ll be interesting to see where that leads us. Both have had their challenges – the continuous glucose monitor was a little unreliable this morning (he has to check it against a meter regularly anyway), but has now settled down, and the dressing which holds it on is not exactly breathable….



So, overall, great progress made, the glucose levels have held up better than they have on previous challenges, and he’s feeling the miles but positive. We’ll see how he feels after a few hours sleep….



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