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Am I ready? Am I heck!

Its just 8pm on a Wednesday, tomorrow I set off on a 190 mile run across the country as fast as I can. Am I ready? Am I heck! I could do with being a few pounds lighter, should have done more training and there is a small matter of being attached to an insulin pump.

Still I’m here and I’m excited to what is in store. Ant Cooper, Charlotte Hattersley and Joe Faulkner to keep me company with Dave MacFarlane recording this historic attempt on video.


The view at Robin Hoods bay is serene and its not rained all day, enough to give anyone a false sense of security to what is to come. Leaving the Lakes I felt oddly pleased that it was raining, the sunny days were un-nerving – I’d not trained or done any of the recces in weather like that, what would I wear? Which shoes would be right? so a bit of rain made me feel oddly comfortable and at ease.

Well I’m off to bed to bank some sleep – plan is to leave at 5am. I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Charlotte who will keep you all up to date with what is happening.

See you on the other side

No worries

PS if you have the time and want to join me, come aboard be great to see you along the way.
PPS you can still donate

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