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Monthly Archives: June 2013

190 miles in 3 Days 23 Hours and 58 Minutes

This is my story of my run across the country 190 miles as a type 1 diabetic. This little rant tells that story, my plan is to write another one about the kit I used as I know some ultra … Continue reading

The end… of the beginning?

He did it! A final post before I hand blogging duties back to the boss…   The last few stages were hard – Sally Ozanne’s presence was appreciated for Gillerthwaite to Ennerdale, then the legendary Ant Cooper was back once … Continue reading

Tough call…

Target for the end of yesterday was Patterdale (Grasmere an ideal world). He arrived at Shap in good nick & was welcomed by Team Thurlow – his parents & the children, & Lisa ready to run with him. The tough … Continue reading

Different worlds…

After about 4 hours sleep, James went up Nine Standards – in driving rain. Managed to get porridge down, which was a good start, and the boys going with him (Ant Cooper, Joe Faulkner, Dave Johnson, Ali Morris) tell me … Continue reading

Some numbers…

  Thursday’s blood glucose levels & insulin rates & boluses (that’s an extra shot of the stuff). It did go up quite high when he set off – ?maybe a little adrenaline, although he seemed typically chilled at the time. … Continue reading

Day One: Ups & downs

I think it’s fair to say it’s been a day of ups & downs in every sense. Started well, as those of you watching the tracker will have seen. The weather’s been mixed – partly demonstrated by James’ changes of … Continue reading

Am I ready? Am I heck!

Its just 8pm on a Wednesday, tomorrow I set off on a 190 mile run across the country as fast as I can. Am I ready? Am I heck! I could do with being a few pounds lighter, should have … Continue reading