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That’s Lyth

What a great title for an event..  Lyth being the Lyth Valley in the South Lakes, the event is a 24, maybe 25 or it could be 23 mile walk / run organised by the Long Distance Walking Association.  Bargain at £5 with a ridiculous amount of free tea and cake – its perplexing how they do it for the money.

We had signed up to this event a few months ago and it filled up soon after.  I remember my good friend Ant cooper doing it last year and raving about it.  Lisa was up for it as well so we dug deep and coughed up the pennies.

Charlotte stepped in to do the baby sitting.  As it turned out kids / Charlotte and Lisa were all going down with the lurgy.  In retrospect it possibly was not the best idea for Lisa to come out to play but hey hoo by her own admission she can be a little stubborn.

So as the day rolled near we packed our bags – I’d estimated that worse case it could take 8-9 hours.  With my 30 min regime of quaffing a bit of food, we packed what I thought we would need, not really factoring in any extra food.  I’d tried to up the carb count so ditched the mini pork pie and added a gel.

The event was based from the scout hut in Kendal and as the rain descended at 7.30am all 300 odd people tried to squeeze in this small hut, half of which were queueing up for one of the two toilets.  8.00am arrived and the start outside was announced as one of the old geezers behind the event told everyone to shove off.

In summary the route went over Scout Scar to Crosthwaite (checkpoint 1) across and over Whitbarrow Scar to Whitbarrow (checkpoint 2) then across the flat Lyth Valley to Levens (checkpoint 3) before heading back over the Scar to Kendal.

Getting out of Kendal

My plan was to follow everyone else and not bother with a map until checkpoint 1.  That all came undone when we, along with 50 other people, went the wrong way.. map out and followed my own nose rather than other peoples heels.  At CP1 we had the taste of food on offer – cakes / donuts / tea / juice.. was regretting that we were carrying so much food.

Lisa was really not at all well and with this cold was struggling to breathe.. most people would have jacked it, but as bloody minded as she is she wanted to finish so we resorted to sign language whilst running, thumbs up all good.. thumbs down can we stop.


Over Whitbarrow Scar and a small nav error which irked me.. bit of unmapped woodland sent me off on a tangent for a moment.  The path off the top I’d not used before, I knew roughly where it was but the fella in front of us was moving with a sense of purpose and seemed to know where he was going.. thought easiest option was to hang on.. worked good this time.  Whitbarrow village hall next stop with hotdogs and quiche

Over Whitbarrow

Pretty keen to get moving, on my mind was running the straight roads across the Lyth Valley – it would be easy at this stage to fall in to a walk.  Mindful so much time could be lost and I was keen to jog it if Lisa was up for it – we managed to get in to a rhythm   Felt good.. next stop at Levens was in someones garage.. another runner here was suffering from lack of carbohydrate / salt so was glad to off load a packet of crisps and peanut butter roll.  We filled our mug with tea and set off over the hill.

The lap

I looked at my watch and realised we could do this under 6 hrs which would be sweet.  BUT Lisa with her cold could not go faster so resigned that our time would be what it is.. this last leg was long as I recall – I’ve not really spent time on the Scar and it was a bit confusing.  Again tagged on to the fella who seemed to know where he was going, he was faster up hills than us but we seem to catch him going down.

Before I knew it we were running in to Kendal, trying to pick our way through the streets back to the scout hut.  We finished and were relieved to be back.  We were back in 5 hr 55 mins – well under my 8-9 hr estimation.

happy days

Back home and unloaded what was left over.  Pretty much ate what you see here.  Needless to say if doing this again would take less, prob do without the rolls and just quaff a sandwich or two at checkpoints.

Whats left

In regards to blood sugars

6.30am Breakfast – 8.5
7.50am Before start – 9.9
9.40am CP1 – 7.8
11.40am CP2 – 7.6
12.40pm CP3 – 6.4
14.10pm Finish – 7.4

Don’t get much better than that!!

Here are the fitness stats 5000 Calories!!

One of the best days of late.

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