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Being Cold and Adventure Racing Ball

Being Cold

The walk across the North York Moors the previous weekend, knocked it out of me. Less because of the physical aspects but rather my confidence as after the run I found I was getting so cold so quickly. I spent the following week drinking hot drinks in an effort to get warm. A posting on a facebook group with Type 1 diabetes and who do sport resulted in a show of hands saying they had noticed they also got hypothermia quickly after exercise. Not sure I can let this one slide, fortunately summer is on the way but I am keen to find out more before the bitter weather bites again.

Saturday MTBing

The weekend ahead was the annual Adventure Racing Ball. A glamorous affair which to be honest is just 60/70 people who love being in the outdoors having a great weekend together. It’s not my event, so it’s nice to go along and chat with those I rarely meet socially.

Joe and Ant.. definitely not lost.

Joe and Ant.. definitely not lost.

Saturday was a mountain bike ride, before I knew it I was notionally nominated to lead the slow group. That was all fine until we set off. Breakfast at 7.30, fix bike drive to Coniston for 10 and jump on bike straight up the bridleway into Grizedale. I’d made the fatal mistake of not eating before the ride and I had not adjusted my insulin the night before. Was a tad wibbly wobbly on the way up and slightly disappointed that I was at the near the back by default.

The ride bumbled on and I accrued a number of people who were either lost or happy to take a more leisurely pace. An hour in, a gel and I was back on form and very aware of what I was doing. Grizedale cafe arrived and the riders descended. I do like this cafe nice place and well designed, just a real shame food is so expensive and considering it’s active people who use it they are, in my opinion, a bit tight fisted on the portions.

A splendid ride back to Coniston via Hawkshead and Tarn Hows, my little group of riders most I’ve not met before, had a great time and were very appreciative that they could enjoy the views and the riding whilst someone else did the guiding.

AR Ball

The evening was some great scoff put on by Wilfs, portion sizes more appropriate and the Adventure Racing awards. I’d been nominated as being the “Sleepmonsters Inspiration Award” which is given ‘to anyone who has inspired you through their racing or achievements in the AR scene’.  I was a bit taken back to win the award. Err, not least because I have yet to do the Howfast thing, I’m speculating it’s because of managing diabetes whilst running Open Adventure.


The award

The award

Like the Oscars I came out with some dribble – thanked my friends in Kendal (and Backbarrow) who do a great job of looking after me when running. But I omitted a few key people.. err MY WIFE! who is spending more hours looking after the kids since I’ve cranked up the training. And to the bearded fella Jim Rounsley who has pretty much done 2/3rds of the C2C with me so far in our recce’s. Sorry guys.

I somehow avoided the dancing, I’m a clumsy fella and it was a pretty small space, last thing the world needs is for James Thurlow on the dance floor. As ever great evening, great people.


Following day was the obligatory run, the southerners were keen to go up the Old Man Coniston. Jeff PD and I managed to suggest a route up Wetherlam, with the possibility of heading around the ridge to the Old Man. As it was with a late start and food beckoning we bugged out and run down a ridge between the two.

Diabetes wise, I was a bit hap-hazard. These southerners went off at a pace and I was keen to keep my heart rate down in the 150 mark. Lucy Harris and Campbell Walsh were running around like dogs let out for a run.

Jeff PD and Moi

Jeff PD and Moi

Tricky to keep popping in a bit of food every 30 mins when I didn’t really pack enough oops. Still blood sugars were all good and I added 5 units of background insulin at the top. Back down in the Sun Inn – burger and chips went down very well.

Running in the Snow

Running in the Snow

A chilled afternoon and back home I settled down to watch a bit of TV. Good job I was sitting down, blood sugar down at 3.9 oops. I got something wrong there – clearly put too much insulin in. Time to find some food.

Well, it was great weekend, great company along with a surprise of winning the award.

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