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Do Tell?

Getting Fit

Everytime I sit down to write this blog, I’m reminded of my mantra.. not going to get fit writing a blog. Well Claire Maxted of Trail Running magazine is doing pretty well. Anyway been a few weeks..

Definitely cranking up the training, trying to get out for a run or cycle about 4-5 times a week. Getting my body to a state where it is isn’t such a shock that it might be doing some exercise.

Following a conversation with Marc Laithwaite the endurance coach who runs events in the North West (and the Christmas Cracker), I popped down to St Helens to find out a bit more about how my body works at what point does the fuel system switch around from fat / carbs to just carbs. What I didn’t cotton on till I was chained to a treadmill that I would have to run until I pretty much fell off.

Still awaiting the results but I think I can put it in one line and paraphrase Pat’s comment. “Bit fat – good engine”.

I need to get my head around the results. I think when my heart rate reaches a point when I switch over to burning pure carbs my blood sugars descend at an alarming rate.

Back to training

I’m getting out regularly doing the running.  This week I had a session which was a pretty brutal set of hill reps.. with a possibility of 3x 10 reps up this hill. I set about going not too fast. After the first 10 thought best to pop a couple of shotbloks. bit of break.. next 10 umm bit wobbly take another shotbloks. ok not 10 but 6 more to go.. take it easy. I finished legs shaking with that 1000 mile stare and out of body experience that was not fitting for any fella who still had a 2 mile run back to the car.

The group split up many heading home, the rest heading back to where we started. They were off – were these legs going to work, it was minus 2 degrees but the park bench looked inviting. Just wanted to sit down and close my eyes. Found myself running to catch up, they were too far and I was too busted. Could I remember the way back? It was a jog not a run..

I did get back sat in the car, blood test 5.2 and heading north I’d had 3 more shotbloks on the way back so guess it was high 3’s or low 4 when I was shaking. Drove home bit confused (allowed to drive above 5). Not sure I enjoyed that.

So what to do next time?

  • I’d only injected half my background at lunchtime. Clearly before these sessions I need to reduce it even further.
  • Running with good friends or having people around who know me is priceless
  • Only do above threshold training in places where I can sort myself out.
  • I had a phone with me, in the past I would often leave the phone behind to escape. Never will I do that again.

I was surprised how much this knocked me. I kind of felt vulnerable yet angry, exercise is definitely a big positive for diabetics but its really difficult to make it work.

By the way at this point I should say thanks to Dave at Clif bar for supplying me with a box of Shotbloks as well as supporting the project.  Top product for diabetic runners.

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