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Mini-Mountain Marathon Coniston

What a great day!  4 hours running around Coniston with amazing views and not a cloud in the sky (well that was the case when I set off).

The events this weekend kicked off on Saturday.. Lisa was keen to pop to Barrow and I thought it would be a good idea to cycle and meet her there.  You would think that someone who spends his life wrapped around maps and excel sheets, I’d have the whereforall to know how long a trip like this would take me.

26 miles / pummelled by hail stones and 1hr 50mins later I was in the boot of our car trying to get some dry clothes on.  It was further than I thought and I was wearing the wrong clothing.  Blood sugars OK, bit low after, so was not in the mood for shopping, needed Tea and Cake!!

Instead of bolting home we went for a pizza – did the usual guestimation of how many carbs  in the food and popped a bit of insulin in.  Here it went wrong, 11pm that night I’m feeling light headed and its clear that I got it wrong and put too much in.  Pain Au Chocolate solved that problem.

Up at 6.30am and Rob Marriott was round to pick me up to head to Coniston.  The event was a Dark and White Mini Mountain Marathon I was planning a recce day but this was on the doorstep and its always good to see how others run events.

In summary I had 4 hours to visit as many points as I could.. if I was late back I started loosing all my hard earned points.  This event however was not mucking around on low land fells it was up on the tops.. so there was also a balance of carrying enough kit if it went pete tong yet not stupid amounts to slow you down.

I was never going to clear the course so picked off a route that took in 2/3rds of the course with a few options to cut back.  Shockingly when I plotted my route on Anquet it was only 10 miles!!   err with 1200m ascent.

I’m not going to go in to the detail about going to CP6 then C10.. blah blah.  Unless you were there it would be a little dull..

With regards to Diabetes.. My blood sugar readings (should be around 6-8.5, to put this in to context its illegal to drive under 5, I would feel dizzy at 4, prob sitting down at 3.. and well I never gone down 2.  Going high is bad for medium / long term health)

  • Breakfast 7.8 porridge
  • Start 9.3 another pain au chocolate  (will be the death of me)
  • At mile 2 (about 1hr in) 4.7 oops not good, had cheese roll
  • At mile 7 (about 3hr in) 6.9 all good
  • At finish 5.5 had an orange juice.

Few things.. I’ve found when my blood sugar goes low, I feel a bit dizzy, I start sweating and getting a bit anxious, possibly out of breath. Now if anyone had just walked as fast as they could up a mountain would they not feel the same!! hence during these events I’m finding it tricky to know when I’m low.

Back at registration it was good to catch up with friends from Open Adventure events, Ben, Sabrina, Barbara, Chris, Heather and Rob.  We went out for a bite to eat at a local pub.  Jacket Spud and beans.. thought best to inject background insulin and quick acting as per a normal meal (10.2)

3hrs later at home its down to 5.1 and I’m on a scout for something to bring it back up again.  This aint good, I’m going to get fatter..  I’m wondering if after exercise my body is more sensitive to insulin and I have to change the ratios.    Anyway I need to sort it out.. can’t be playing this silly game.

Thanks again to Adrian and Paul for a great event.  Good to catch up with Amanda and Jez who help these guys out.  Cheers to Alan for company in the last 30 mins and for persuading me that it would be a stupid idea to go for that 15 pointer.  And to Rob for the lift..




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