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A little update and a cycle on the Christmas Cracker

Too Long

Its been two weeks since last blog.. damn sure I don’t want these little witterings don’t fall in to the grave of so many blogs out there. Kick off with good intentions and falter with the slightest distraction.

Kendal Mountain Festival

OK to be fair have been a little distracted with hosting the endurance night at the Kendal Mountain Festival guests included good friends, Tom Gibbs, Nick Gracie and Ant Emmet all wise fellows of the world of endurance. Other guests which couldn’t put down as friends on Facebook were Andy Mouncey (the shouty fella as my friend called him) and the Brownlee Brothers. The trickiness for me on these days is that its easy to forget to eat, it can also be a little stressful – needless to say I’m then on a mission to find some sugar before I make impromtu exit from the stage in front of 500 strong audience who on the whole would have been glad for me to shut up if it brought the brownlees on earlier.

photo credit

Andy whittled on about his achievements including 3 very different approaches to coming 2nd in the Lakeland 100.. I think he would like you to buy his book to find out what they are. But suffice the one I liked was setting off slow (at the back for the 1st 65 miles of a 100 mile race) and running the last section coming in 2nd.

Brownlees were comical and really provided what the crowd wanted – arguably what inspired me was how they include training in a busy schedule. They had cycled from Skipton to Kendal (for KMF), and then on the Saturday cycling down as far as they could to Birmingham (for Triathlon Awards) and then back home to Leeds. Like the way they squeezed training in.

Running & Cycling

Anyway back to my mission to cross the country.. week after RAB took on urban orienteering in Kendal great fun, but got caught out with the length. Fortunately held out the 6 or so miles and managed to keep sugars up OK. Legs a bit wobbly after but that has nothing to do with diabetes.

For the last week been out running 4 days on the trot, including a night time epic from office to home – bit too much mud to call it a run. For this weekend I’d lined up a 60 mile undulating cycle sportive called the Cumbrian Cracker. Run by Marc Laithwaite of Epic Events, gave me a chance to pop some leaflets out for our events. A very early start, arrived at Grasmere at 7 and registration was already in full swimg and the toilets already had a sweet aroma.

For this event I’d volunteered to cycle the route with a few tools / spare tubes / First Aid kit to help out any riders on the route. I was donned with a florescent bib and set off at 9am. Was keen to make sure I was not the one in need of help, so I was popping a bit of something every 30mins – hour.. pending when I remembered. Helped out a couple of people with punctures and one with a bent derailleur  I could use this all as an excuse for my slow times, but reality was I was being passed but experienced riders.

Got back in good time (well it was still light!) quick change and wished Marc and team well.

Diabetes bit.. as a few of you know I did a DAFNE (Doseage Adjustment For Normal Eating) in summary I spent a week learned about how much insulin to inject pending how much I’ve eaten. It works pretty well and well worth doing. But it all falls to peices when I do exercise (which is often at the mo). For this cycle ride I was snacking at least every hour and exercise burns up a lot of that food. So for today I kind of forgot about DAFNE – otherwise I think I would have injected way too much and I’d probably run out of test strips.

What I ate and what my blood glucose levels were

My plan was check blood sugar every few hours and if at anytime I was worried I’d stop – which I did. I’ve learnt now.. in the past I’d keep going to the top of a hill or a logical place to stop (feed station). Now as soon as I have an incling that something is not quite right I’ll stop.

Bfast 7.2 (porridge)
Start 7.8 (1/2 jam roll)
45mins (fig roll)
90mins (fig roll)
2hrs (slice malt loaf)
2hr 30 (2 shotblocs)
3hrs 8.4 food stop at cartmel (slice ginger cake / lemon drizzle cake / choc digestive and a few jelly babies) – also gave myself 2 units of background insulin (usually 10)
4hrs (3 shotblocs)
4hr 30 6.2 (packet Randoms – feeling bit wobbly)
5hr (banna malt loaf)
5hr 30 (last shotbloc)
6hr finish (finished jam roll and had stew)

Drank 1tr of water with zero tab / 2 teas before event and at feed stop

For this evening watched recorded grand prix and quaffed a bit too much homemade pizza. Guessing 80g carb as body still pushing blood around quick – have halved normal quick acting dose from 8 to 4.

I need to sleep.. feedback welcome

UPDATE Monday 1pm

Little update for those interested in the diabetes side.  Went to bed and blood sugar was 14.3 (naughty naughty).  So either I miscalculated the carbs in the pizza or my thinking about 1/2 insulin post excercise is wrong.  I think it more like a miscalculation – I’d also omitted the apple turnover the kids had made.

So with it being so high popped in my usual 10 units on background insulin before going to be.  The theory is whatever my sugars are when I go to bed they should be the same in the morning with this dose.  And previous experience shows that to be the case.

Bed 14.3 I wake up and it was 7.4.. so lesson is my body is still sensitive to insulin some 12hrs after exercise.  Good job I didn’t whack in the extra 2 quick acting units like I normally would have done to bring down the 14.3

So in summary careful with the insulin and weigh the pizza and don’t forget the apple turnover.


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