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Lakeland 4 passes 13th October

Well the first blog for HowFast.  You don’t get fit by building websites and planning – if I’m to get from one side of the country to the other its obvious I need to get out and put the miles in.

With a distance of 180 miles.. perhaps its 175, whatever its a long way.. I’m not going to get fit for that by increasing weekly mileage by a mile – so I need some drastic plans and in the back of my mind I know its going to hurt.

My plan ideally is to recce each month a section of the route and to do one long distance foot type event.  To kick off I decided to do the Lakeland 4 passes – an LDWA event.  Bargain at £10 which included a meal at the end and food at each of the control stations.

It started in Borrowdale, which from Holker is at least 1hr 30 drive.  It was a pleasant surprise to bump in to Eddie Winthorpe with a friend of his from Kendal.  My aim was be somewhere between the runners and the fast walkers..  in reality I just kept in front of the walkers – my lack of fitness showed with a good 1st half and then I really slowed on the last climb.  Blood sugars plummeting so I decided to take time out to get some proper food on board.

I won’t whittle on about the ups and downs of the day but suffice to say the route passed from Borrowdale to Wasdale to Ennerdale over to Gatesgarth and back to Borrowdale.  7hrs was about my time, should have been nearer 6.. I struggled up the hills but made it down them at a good pace.

I checked my blood sugars very regularly – about every hour or when I felt a bit giddy.. it was all good and I kept them at the right level but the trick here for me was that I was able to stop when I needed to check and eat to get back on track.  In the past I would have kept going to the top of the hill or to the next CP..

I had a great day and I’m really looking forward to the next LDWA event.

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