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About James Thurlow

James ThurlowI'm James Thurlow - along with my wife Lisa I'm the guy behind Open Adventure, an Adventure sports company which runs events across the country. With a passion for the outdoors and running in the summer of 2013 I'm travelling across the country as fast as I can.

The twist to the story is that I have Type 1 diabetes. Oddly it was discovered when Steve our event medic and Charlotte one of our volunteers (who happens to be a GP) checked my blood sugar as I was not feeling too good. It was at the end of 24 hour non-stop event, and right after that I spent 2 days in hospital. Since that time diabetes has become an integral part of my life - with injections and blood testing five times a day.

There are plenty of people out there who compete in sport at a professional level with diabetes so my challenge is to pull together my love of the outdoors whilst keeping on top of the diabetes. Sadly 90% of people with diabetes are overweight ... not a great statistic and I probably sit within that 90%... hence part of this event is not just about raising money - it's about me - I kind of need to focus on a project that will lead to a healthier life.