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Shooting up at the Adventure Racing World Championships

Every so often we all find ourselves having to ask questions about what is possible – presented by someone who has achieved something I would have almost swore blind was not possible. This how I felt after talking to Bjorn, … Continue reading

Scott Newburn, Type 1 and a BG

Some 25 years ago I was working as a volunteer instructor at YMCA Lakeside – I was pretty fit and along with a good friend Ian we took on some big days in the hills – I was a proper … Continue reading

4 years.. well almost

I’d just walked and jogged a little over 23 miles in just over 8hrs (see here).. was a hilly course. clothes changed and now looking at a jacket spud, sprinkling of lettuce and some kind of bolognaise sauce. I was … Continue reading

20 miles ish..

It was a few¬†weeks ago that I went out the door on a Monday evening to kick myself in to getting fit again. For many years my winters have often featured regularly attending a running club. As the years go … Continue reading

I’m cured… along with a long walk.

I’m cured.. I can hear all my T1 friends yawn no seriously read on ;-) .. tabloid headline with no substance alert. I like to think I’m a glass half full person, but the last year has dished out a … Continue reading

Who owns the data

Who owns the data? Over the last 5 years I’ve noticed that there is both conscious and unconscious judgement about what type1 means – from “you shouldn’t eat that”, to finding myself excluded from certain car insurance policies. Increasingly I … Continue reading

My dirty little secret

All change, this is type 1 diabetes.. Its just over 5 years since I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, earlier in the year I thought it be good to tap out a few articles on what I wished I … Continue reading

Bluepeter does CGM

Libre in to a CGM.. with a little help from Nightscout. If you talk to type 1’s every few years often more they stumble on a way of managing their diabetes that has tangible benefits. Sometimes that is due to … Continue reading

between a keyboard and the hospital.

Somewhere between a keyboard and the hospital. Many friends will know I’ve been spending the last 2 years maybe 3! working on making an expedition race happen in Ireland, it kicked off just over a week ago with 36 teams … Continue reading

Ambulance, pies and running part 3

A good nights sleep but not enough.. it was 6.30 so quickly packed my bag. I knew it was going to be hot day but the prospect of getting cold filled me with utter dread. So whilst runners were strutting … Continue reading